Vega Test Method

How Does the
Test work?

The Vega Test method can be used for food tolerance testing, using Homoeopathic liquid extracts of the foods whereby approximately 50 foods can be tested at a consultation. The method originated from Electro-Acupuncture according to Vol(EAV).

The Vega Test Process

The Vega Test requires the patient to hold a hand held electrode. A specific acupuncture point at the end of a toe is used and an ampoule derived from the homoeopathic liquid extract of the food is used as the main diagnostic indicator. The method is based on measuring evoked electrical conductivity by the application of an electrode (which looks like a biro). By applying the electrode to the acupuncture point the electrical activity from the acupuncture point changes. In EAV the so called ‘drop’ is the indicator of dysfunction. This indicator is shown on the machine instantly so that you have your results straight away. No Needles are used. The Skin is not broken. It is not painful and even babies can be tested. You should always be treated by an experienced Practitioner as this method is very skilled.